Sibi Center Adult Day Program - Community Integration through Self-Determination
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We know from experience that severely and profoundly intellectually & physically developmentally disabled adults can benefit from a structured day-time program.  
This type of day program structure permits consumers to practice skills learned outside the program and to practice new skills which will lead to the maximum degree of community integration.
We implement objectives outlined in the Individual Activity Plan in a structured environment in a step-wise manner. Great care is taken to afford each person every opportunity to develop and use decision making skills within daily program activities.
As a result of activities and training it is expected that adults with severe to profound intellectual and developmental disabilities will increase their independence, develop better self-images, be more capable of independent decision making, and improve their access to the community-at-large.

Sibi Center ADP

Sibi Center Adult Day Program has a 1:3 staffing ratio or one staff member for every three developmentally and intellectually disabled adults. There is power to promote change with this combination. Adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities receive the attention they need without having to display negative behaviors generally associated with attention seeking.
Sibi Center's day program has a core focus of critical skills training. A critical skill is defined as something we must do in life or someone does it for us. Critical skills are the most ordinary but hugely important daily living skills.
An adult with devlopmental disabilities pushing the supply cart at Sibi Center Adult Day Program.Critical skill groups include daily tasks like using the bathroom, washing hands, feeding ourselves, dressing and grooming. It includes personal orientation and awareness to interact in an appropriate manner as an aspect of socialization and communicating our needs and wants in a way recognized by others. And, as importantly is the ability to be an integrated part of one’s community able to use crosswalks, step up or down curbs or enter a retail environment to make a purchase.
In addition to critical skills training and community integration, the program design includes other key components to round out a daily experience with mobility training, fine and gross motor skills, leisure skills, artistic expression and music, cognitive stimulation and group activities.
Individual Activity Plans

After a period of review an initial Individual Activity Plan (IAP) is designed for each adult. To develop an IAP consideration is given to the client's desires, input from family, service providers, regional center representatives, and staff members' observations. Once a set of goals is determined a number of objectives are created to help consumers reach their goals. Goals and objectives are reviewed regularly and revised as needed to keep pace with each consumer's progress and changing needs.
Consumer scrapbooking with staff