Sibi Center Adult Day Program - Community Integration through Self-Determination
Sibi Center Adult Day Program
Our Purpose 

Sibi Center Adult Day Program was established in 1991 with the sole purpose of providing an adult development program for persons with severe to profound intellectual & physical developmental disabilities that encourages each consumer to develop to their highest level of competence and achievement. 

http://www.sibicenteradultdayprogram.comSibi Center Adult Day Program has been doing great things with adults with intellectual and physical developmental disabilities for more than 20 years. We love what we do with and for developmentally disabled adults. We strive to make sure that consumers are receiving the best service and care possible.
Throughout this time we have always worked to maintain what we do with consumers each day as transparent as possible. This is why the day program has an “open door policy.” We don’t want what happens each day at Sibi Center Adult Day Program to be a mystery to you.
Come and see how we work with clientele at any time. The entire day program site is available for your inspection. No appointment or special tour need be pre-arranged. You can stop by or call for an appointment it’s up to you.

Statewide information for adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities can found on the California Department of Developmental Services website at